The camping rules and useful information

RECEPTION | 8:00-13:00 15:00-20:00
MAIN GATE | 7:00-23:00
BARRIER | 7:00-13:00 15:00-23:00
BAR | 7:30-23:00

Check-in is possible from 11:00 at 13:00 and from 15:00 until 8pm:00.

Upon each arrival, all guests are required to present their identity document at the reception for legal registration and to collect the identification bracelet to wear for the duration of their stay. In case of pets, their vaccination booklet must be presented too.

During their stay, guests cannot occupy neighbouring pitches with their car, tent nor any other personal effect, even if temporarily.

In case guests arrive before reception opening hour, it is not possible for them to enter the campsite.

Check-out must be done no later than 10am:00 on the day of departure. Departing guests are kindly asked to pay the bill, the pitches must be vacated no later than 10am:00 on the day of check-out. In case of stay after check-out time, the cost equal to half the price of the previous night will be charged.

Children under the age of 18 are admitted to the campsite only if accompanied by their parents or other adult guarantor.

Reservation is always preferable, by phone or by mail. To confirm the reservation, a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the stay is required.

In case of cancellation you will be entitled to a refund equal to 50% of the amount paid only if the cancellation is made within one week from the beginning of the booked period. No refunds will be paid to those who do not comply with this rule.

Visitors are only allowed during reception opening hours (from 8:00 at 13:00 and from 15:00 at 8pm:00).

At the arrival visitors must hand their identification document to the admission office to be legally registered.

Visits are free for the first hour, after this deadline, the current day or a half-day rate will be applied.

The car must be parked outside the campsite.

Day visitors are requested to vacate the property no later than 10pm:00.

It is strictly forbidden to bring in unregistered people.

Respect for silence is requested at the following times: from 23:00 at 7:00 and from 13:00 at 15:00.

Check-in is possible from.

Check-in is possible from, acts of vandalism, drug use, and similar. Violators will be recalled by the
personal. In case of serious events, they will be expelled from the campsite.

All pitches are equipped with electricity connection, with an available power of 1,5 kW each. To connect to the electricity an industrial 220V plug or adaptor is needed.

If the above limit is exceeded, a blackout will occur. Then contact the reception to restore the electricity supply.

The use of hot water in the showers is free.

It is recommended to leave the services clean and tidy in respect of everyone.

Absolute respect for hygiene personnel is also required. During the hours dedicated to cleaning, access to the services will not be allowed.

To use the facilities for the disabled, it is necessary to ask for the key at the reception.

The washing machine and dryer work for a fee. Customers are asked to pay attention to the washing times so as not to occupy the machines longer than necessary.

At the sanitary block behind the bar there are the only two stations dedicated to the drainage and rinsing of chemical toilets. It is forbidden to unload chemical toilets at other non-dedicated toilets.

The water fountains , which is drinikable, near the pitches must be used exclusively for water withdrawal.

Car or other similar vehicle washing is not allowed on the campsite.

The waste of water is not allowed.

The beach is never supervised. The management will not be held accountable in case of incidents or such during swimming activities in the lake basin.

It is absolutely forbidden and disrespectful for everybody and for the planet to leave waste on the beach.

to do their business (neither in any other part of the campsite).

We kindly ask our guests not to occupy the beach with personal effects (beach umbrellas, sunbeds, toys, etc ...) while not there.

We specifically ask guests staying in the first row not to go over their pitch’s limits occupying the beach with personal effects.

Dogs are allowed in the campsite, after showing their valid and up-to-date vaccination booklet, only if they are kept on leash AT ALL TIME, walked OUTSIDE the campsite to do their business and if they do not cause any kind of disturbance to neighbour camp guests.

Dogs are allowed on the beach only if the above conditions are followed..

The dog washing area in the sanitary block behind the bar is free to use. It is mandatory to keep the dog tied, leave the area clean after use respecting everyone and not wasting water.

Access to the campsite by car is allowed during the opening hours of the barrier (morning 7:00-13:00, afternoon 15:00-23:00). Outside these hours, guests are invited to use the parking site outside.

Only one car each pitch is allowed inside the campsite, as long as parked at the assigned spot, for the mere designated park use.

Children's play equipment may be freely used, with care and attention.

The free use by minors of the playground equipment is under the supervision and exclusive responsibility of the persons who have custody of them, as well as their improper use denies any responsibility to the Management of Camping Eden.

It is forbidden to smoke inside the play area.

It is also forbidden to throw paper, remains of food, garbage of any kind, in the playground area..

The use of the football/tennis field is reserved exclusively for guests of Camping Eden.

The football/tennis field is a meeting place to play in a spirit of mutual respect, fairness and solidarity. Users must maintain correct language and a respectful volume of voice.

In the entire area of the field it is prohibited:

– to introduce bicycles, motorcycles or other means of transport;

– to drink alcohol and smoke;

– to lean or cling to the fence;

– to cling to the goal structure or the network of the same;

Users must leave the field clean.

In case of damage, injury or any other problem users must immediately inform the Management of Camping Eden.

Each player is responsible for his own behaviour; whoever may even accidentally cause damage to the structure or to other players will have to answer directly.

Camping Eden Management declines any responsibility for objects left unattended in the field.

Those who use the field undertake to respect these regulations. Otherwise, the Management has the right to terminate at any time the activity in progress and deny the subsequent use.

Guests are required to throw waste in the appropriate bins located at the entrance to the campsite, sorting the waste (according to the types of materials) in the relative containers.

We would like to remind that it is absolutely forbidden to abandon bulky waste and bagged waste in the waste disposal area.

For the disposal of used cooking oil, please keep it in a jar and deliver it to the reception: we will take care of it..

We urge boats owner to respect the assigned buoy and to be aware and to observe the navigation laws in force (displayed in the reception office) to avoid unpleasant disciplinary dispute.

The management will not be held accountable for any of the moored boats to the designated buoys.

In the event of lake water levels being too low, the Management reserves the right not to use the buoys.


Tender owners must leave it exclusively in the designated area marked on the beach.

With the correct caution, minding the guest nearby to not cause any sort of disturbance, we invite our guests to use embers only within their own pitch.

It is absolutely forbidden to plant flowers or any other kind of shrub directly in the ground.

We urge our guests to limit the number of vases and their dimensions to allow a simpler move when required to and during regular grass cuttings, during which every pitch must be cleared up as much as possible to let the gardening personnel work neatly.

We also ask you not to cut the plants present in the campsite, in case of need, refer to the reception.


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